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Welcome to David Latona's personal website, I am a blogger and amateur writer who's simply making a small mark on the Internet. I live in a small town called Caldwell which is pretty boring but its where I was born and raised so I've stuck around. I like to play all differant kinds of sports, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf. As most people do, I love to hang out with my friends (you know who you are). That's about it for now, stay tuned to when I've ramped up my blog pages!

Until my blog is ready for the public, feel free to visit some of my friends sites (right column under my mugshot).

If you need to reach me with a question or comment about my site, you'll have to use email for now until the contact page is setup. Drop me a line at davelatona305@gmail.com.

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July 8th
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Author: David

This is my first blog post, just being used to test out the platform. Once I have something much more fancier to say, I'll post it here.

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